Tutorial :Using Web Technologies for Flash


I'm an Avid Javascript developer, and am wondering if there's any to use Open web technologies (JS/HTML/CSS) to build a flash game.

After a few Google searches, i've got nothing, so I'm asking here.


Flash is just as "open" as JavaScript. They are both based on ECMAScript. The Flex compiler is fully open-source, and there are a bunch of really great open-source tools for developing with, including my personal favorite IDE; FlashDevelop.

Flex and Flash can also use CSS for formatting if you prefer, but there are better options than verbose CSS.


If you want to build the Flash game on the web, http://wonderfl.net/ is forkable and editable code that compiles instantly all in your browser, with a pretty vibrant community of flash developers (though I find a lot of the code comments are in Japanese, which I can't unfortunately speak/read). The editor I think defaults to a flash based text editor, but there is an option to use a html/css version instead.

If you want to build an editor like wonderfl.net, you'll need a serverside SWF compiler. I believe MTASC is still the most popular way to do that.

If you just want to build a flash game without buying flash, Eclispse + the Opensource FLEX sdk will do it with some work or notepad/textmate + MTASC.

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