Tutorial :Update value based on :checked status


<input type="checkbox" name="feature1" value="0" />  

If checked, value="1"; else value="0";

if ( $('input[name=feature1]').is(':checked') ) {    $('input[name=feature1]').val('1');  }  

I think the above jQuery may work, but its one-time check, how do I make it that everytime the checkbox is clicked/checked, value becomes 1, else 0?

Many thanks


$('input[name=feature1]').click(function(){      if ($(this).is(':checked') ) {        $(this).val('1');      } else {        $(this).val('0');      }  });  


$('input[name=feature1]').click(function(){      if (this.checked) {        $(this).val('1');      } else {        $(this).val('0');      }  });  


much better

$('input[name=feature1]').click(function(){        $(this).val(this.checked ? 1:0);  });  

and just as I thought there is still a much better way..

$('input[name=feature1]').click(function(){        this.value = this.checked ? 1:0;        });​  


I'd give the input an ID, just to make it a bit easier to write your jQuery - for the purposes of this answer I'll pretend we've duplicated the name.

jQuery("#feature1").click(function() {     if (this.checked) {        jQuery(this).val(1);     } else {        jQuery(this).val(0);     }  });  

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