Tutorial :UITabBar unresponsive on iPad


I have an existing iPhone project that has been tested, submitted, and approved, compiled with the 3.1.3 SDK. I've taken this project and converted it to a universal iPad/iPhone app, following Apple's instructions (i.e. letting Xcode do its magic).

This app has a UITabBarController as its root view controller, built inside a XIB. When run on the 4.0 iPhone simulator, it works fine. When running on the 3.2 iPad Simulator or the device itself, it has one major flaw: the UITabBar is unresponsive. I can't change any of the tabs; taps on any part of the UITabBar don't seem to ever get registered. I can tap on the view of the current tab's view controller no problem.

Since the UITabBarController is created inside a XIB, I also create its tabs (view controllers) inside the XIB as well. If I add or subtract tabs, that seems to update the UITabBar fine. But still, none of the actual tabs are tappable.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Turns out the automagic option that Apple put into Xcode to convert iPhone projects to universal iPhone/iPad projects didn't set the "Full Screen at Launch" flag for my UIWindow instance in my MainWindow-iPad.xib, which meant that all touches outside of its hard-coded 320x480 frame were not getting sent to my application.

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