Tutorial :UIAlertView adding NSString


I want to add string to message of my UIAlertView

  -(void) errorState:(NSException *) exp  {      NSLog(@"Error State Blood Level3 %@",exp);      NSString * myString = (NSString*)exp;      UIAlertView *alert = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Error" message:myString delegate:self cancelButtonTitle:@"Go to the main menu" otherButtonTitles:nil];      [alert show];      [alert release];    


but it throws
  2010-07-15 12:48:34.721 kndFrameV02[7955:207] -[NSException isEqualToString:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x707b2e0  2010-07-15 12:48:34.724 kndFrameV02[7955:207] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[NSException isEqualToString:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x707b2e0'    

so how can i add string variable to the message of UIAlertView?


An NSException won't suddenly turn into an NSString when you cast it as one. NSException has a property called reason, that's the one you need. Use it like this: NSString *reason = exp.reason;

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