Tutorial :Two check-box's in one check-box list


I am currently working on converting an application from access to C# and have come across an odd control I need to replicate. In access there is a list of check-box's, for the current month the user is looking at, which has everyday of that month with two check-box's beside it, D and N (for day and night). So my question is what would be the best way to implement this. I am thinking of creating it programatically with two check-box lists side by side but wondering if you can put two box's in one list

June 1 [D] [N]  ...  June 31 [D] [N]  


You could use a DataGridView and create two CheckBoxColumns in it


If you really want to maintain the exact look and feel, you can use two checkboxes side by side with a separate Label control, then pop them in a DataRepeater to repeat them for each row of data.

However, using a DataGridView with two checkbox columns will be much easier.

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