Tutorial :svn repository malformed: how to fix repair repository structure


OK. The repository structure has directories "src" "aux" and "script". No "trunk", no "tags", no "branches". Is there any way I can get this code into a correctly-structure repository while preserving the revision history?


Yes, there is a way. You should use svn mv.

mkdir trunk  mkdir branches  mkdir tags  svn ci  svn mv src trunk/src  svn mv aux trunk/aux  svn mv script trunk/script  


  1. create a trunk directory
  2. move src, aux and script into the trunk directory
  3. create empty tags and branches directories for future use

If you have a working copy that contains src, aux and script, you could do:

svn mkdir trunk tags branches  svn mv src aux script trunk  svn commit  


this discussion might help.

in short: svn mv

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