Tutorial :subversion: How to: difference between modified working copy and alternate branch?


I have tried.

My working copy is based on but a modified version of


I want to diff against branch xxx. I have tried

svn diff --old=svn://foo.net/svn/repo/branch/xxx --new=.   

but that only seems like shorthand for

svn diff --old=svn://foo.net/svn/repo/branch/xxx --new=svn://foo.net/svn/repo/branch/yyy  


Seems that subversion doesn't allow to compare working copy with url. Both --old and --new need to be either WC or URL.

I think there's a workaround though - you may checkout your xxx branch and then compare 2 working copies.

svn checkout svn://foo.net/svn/repo/branch/xxx xxx_branch  

svn diff xxx_branch yyy_modified_wc

diff -u xxx_branch yyy_modified_wc  

Edit As Pavel noticed svn diff in this form doesn't compare xxx and yyy - it just shows local modifications of xxx and yyy. svn diff --old=xxx --new=yyy seems not allowed (at least in svn client 1.6.17). To compare xxx and yyy diff command is needed. Pavel, 10x for the notice


You can also compare between two urls : it's faster because you don't have to checkout the other branch.

svn info # grap url  svn diff localUrl distantUrl  

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