Tutorial :Storing Schedule in Database


How do i store routine or schedule in Database in efficient way.Such as i have 20 rooms and in this rooms 8-10,10-12,... this way classes are held.How do i store this sort of schedule in database in efficient way?


room  --------------  id INT PK<------------  [more data like]     |  room INT/VARCHAR     |  seats INT            |                   Foreign Key  room_schedule        |  ---------------      |  id INT PK            |  room_id INT<----------  start DATETIME  end DATETIME  

You can now eaisly attach certain times to a specific room. To have the start/end in a databasespecific format allows you to transform it in other display of the time.


It depends on your requironments eg reporting, leagal and so on.

For an introduction to this problem see Developing Time-Oriented Database Applications in SQL (Snodgrass) and Temporal patterns (Fowler)

This can be done with graph databases also, see neo4j example Time-Based Versioned Graphs


I would have two tables: Rooms and RoomSchedule.

RoomSchedule (ID int primary key, RoomID int /foreign key to rooms/, From int, To int )

This will allow you to easily check for availability and conflicts, later on, and produce reports.


One table for the rooms with their properties.
One table for the bookings, with their properties.

Simple normalization.

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