Tutorial :Special Layout of Items in Wordpress Loop


I'm working on a wordpress theme, and I have a rather unique structure that I need to output the results from the Loop into. The output can be simplified to the following:

<div class="row">    <div class="entry-1">      /* details from first iteration of The Loop */    </div>    <div class="entry-2">      /* details from second iteration of The Loop */    </div>  </div>  <div class="row">    <div class="entry-3">      /* details from third iteration of The Loop */    </div>    <div class="entry-4">      /* details from fourth iteration of The Loop */    </div>  </div>  

So basically, I need the first two iterations of The Loop to output their details within a master DIV having the class name of "row". The next two iterations need to do the same, in a new DIV having the same aforementioned class name. This would continue on until have_posts() is false, accomodating the possibility of having a single remaining post, which would find itself alone within a master DIV having, again, the class name of "row".

I can't seem to think of the best way to accomplish this. Any direction would be greatly appreciated:

while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();    /* My mind is blank */  endwhile;  


<?php    $i = 1; while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();    $even = ($i % 2);    if (!$even)     echo '<div class="row">';  ?>    <div class="entry-<?php echo $i; ?>">      My Details  </div>    <?php    if ($even || $i == $wp_query->post_count)     echo '</div>';    $i++; endwhile;  ?>  

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