Tutorial :Simple dashboard application


I am trying to have some fun with dashboard widgets, so I tried a simple application :

There will be a button over the widget which when clicked will open StackOverflow website in safari.

To implement it, I tried this:

  1. Created a custom dashboard widget.
  2. Added a button to it from library.
  3. Associated gotoStackOverflow handler with onclick event.
  4. in body of function gotoStackOverflow, I wrote this code:

    window.open('https://stackoverflow.com/','Stackoverflow','width=400, height=300');

When I 'Run' the application I found no browser window appearing on click of the button.

Can anyone suggest me where I may be wrong or/ and some useful links to play with dashcode and dashboard widgets?


Your code runs fine, when I recreate it. Maybe you have pop-ups blocked in Safari?


have you added

<key>AllowNetworkAccess</key>  <true/>  

to the plist? if not the outside world will not be available.


I have used following code to solve my problem:

function gotoStackOverflow(event)  {      widget.openURL("http://stackoverflow.com/");  }  

cheers... :)


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