Tutorial :Saving a report to a file on a client PC?


I would be grateful for a quick sanity check!

When calling Oracle Reports 10g from Oracle Forms 10g, is it possible to run an Oracle Report and save it on the users PC to a specified directory? (I know that if an Oracle Report is run in such a format as PDF the user can save the report to x location). To call the Oracle report I am using the Oracle Forms built-in "Run_Report_Object".

I don't think it is (but would be happy to revise my opinion!) and to obtain such functionality I would have to implement something similar to what is discussed in this thread


I have amended my question to include the fact that I am using the Oracle Forms built-in "Run Report Object" to call Oracle Reports.

There is a Oracle Report parameter: DESTYPE which can accept a value called LOCALFILE which saves the output to the client machine using the file name specified by DESNAME, however as I'm using "Run_Report_Object" it is not possible to use the value LOCALFILE.

One solution is to follow the steps given here.

Sources: Oracle Reports 10g Help (look for DESTYPE), OTN thread

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