Tutorial :Remove section of HTML with PHP


I have an html page that I want to edit. I want to remove a certain section like the following:

<ul class="agentDetail">  ........  .......  ........  </ul>  

I want to be able to remove the tags and all the content between them. The idea is to edit a page and redisplay it minus some data that I don't want to be seen (hence the removal of some sections).

How can I do this in php?


I would recommend parsing the code as XML, then using XPath to de/select the nodes you require. Here's a starting point:

$dom = getDom("http://www.stackoverflow.com");  parseDom($dom);    function getDom($url)  {      $contentUtf8 = $this->fetchDataFromUrl($url);      $htmlData = mb_convert_encoding($contentUtf8, 'HTML-ENTITIES', "UTF-8");        $dom = new DomDocument('1.0', 'utf-8');      $dom->substituteEntities = false;      $dom->preserveWhitespace = false;      @$dom->loadHTML($htmlData);        return $dom;  }    function parseDom($dom)  {      $xpath = new DOMXPath($dom);      $nodes = $xpath->query("//ul[@class='agentDetail']");        // manipulate nodes here...  }  


Are you hosting this page directly or are you reading it into php, and echoing it after parsing? In the former case, you can give it a .php extension and enclose those lines within <? if(0): ?> <? endif; ?> blocks

<?php if(0): ?>  <ul class="agentDetail">  ........  .......  ........  </ul>  <?php endif; ?>  

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