Tutorial :Rails application variable life cycle question


Assume that I have a global variable user in application....like this:

  # GET /users.xml    def index      @users = User.all        respond_to do |format|        format.html # index.html.erb        format.xml  { render :xml => @users }      end    end      

Is that mean every request, a new @user is created? If every request , an object is created, when will it destroyed? Also, if vistorA go to the web site, a @userA is created, and vistorB go to the web site @userB is created. Will the vistorA have a chance to get the vistorB 's object (@userB)? Also, when will the object release? Thank you.

****Update: the @users is not the global variable, it is a instance variable. So, a question to follow up. How does the server know which @user is belong to which request? Thank you.


@users is not a global variable it is an instance variable. A new instance of your controller is created to handle each request so the @users for visitor A and visitor B are independent.


1] @users is not a Global Variable it is a instance variable.its scopre remain upto that method only.

 def index      @some_variable= "Hello"      other_method      redirect_to :action=>'redirect_method'    end      def other_method      #here you get @some_variable ="Hello" as you called this method in index where variable is initialise    end      def redirect_method     #here you get @some_variable as you not called this method in index but redirected to this method    end  

2] for every user @users will be different as each request handle by server independently

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