Tutorial :Quick check of all sub items in a List


I have a list with a boolean value as one of the properties. I need to check if every one of these is true. Now normally LINQ would give a nice clean answer here, but as I am using .NET 2.0 I can't use that.

If there a nicer way to do this or am I going to have to do a for each loop and break out on finding a false?

Edit: Seems I could have been a bit clearer. I have an object in a list (eg List (Of MyObject)). There is a boolean property on this object called Processed.

I need to check that all objects in the list are processed.

So in LINQ I'd do: if (from o in list where o.processed = false select o).count = 0 then....


You could write your own generic list implementation an add a property IsProcessedCompletely:

 Public Class My_Class          Public Property IsProcessed() As Boolean              Get              End Get              Set(ByVal value As Boolean)              End Set          End Property      End Class        Public Class My_List          Inherits List(Of My_Class)            Public ReadOnly Property IsProcessedCompletely() As Boolean              Get                  Dim enumerator As List(Of My_Class).Enumerator = MyBase.GetEnumerator                  While enumerator.MoveNext                      If Not enumerator.Current.IsProcessed Then                          Return False                      End If                  End While                  Return True              End Get          End Property      End Class  


By using List<Of Boolean> you can use Contains() method:

If MyList.Contains(false) Then    // at least one false  Else    // all true  End If  


ArrayList and List<T> has a bunch of methods that does pretty much what LINQ does. They have been there before LINQ.

Specifically, look at the Exists method. Unfortunately I dont know the VB syntax :)

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