Tutorial :Push Rack-Jekyll app to Heroku


I haven't used Ruby. I don't know what gems are. But I know how to install them and do basic things like that.

I heard of Jekyll and decided to start my own using Heroku. I found Rack-Jekyll that will work on Heroku.

I created my site as per Jekyll instructions and it is running fine on my system. Then I did what I was told to do in http://github.com/bry4n/rack-jekyll#readme. But when I push it to Heroku, I get an error:

---> Heroku received push  ---> Rack app detected  ---> Installing rack-jekyll from http://rubygems.org       ERROR: could not find gem "rack-jekyll" locally or in a repository  

On seeing this, I downloaded the rack-jekyll.gem file and committed it to the repsitory and tried uploading it. Even that didn't work. Can you tell me precisely what to do?


Updated (ht Andrew): use heroku's Bundler support

create a Gemfile like so

 source "http://rubygems.org"   gem "rack-jekyll"  

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