Tutorial :PHP XML DOM - getElementsByTagName


I'm trying to use the weatherbug API, but seem to be stuck quite early in the proceedings.

The [very simple] code I tried:

function weather_widget($apikey, $zipcode) {    $url = "http://$apikey.api.wxbug.net/getLiveWeatherRSS.aspx?ACode=$apikey&zipcode=$zipcode&unittype=0&outputtype=1";    $contents = file_get_contents($url);    $doc = new DOMDocument();    $doc->loadXML($contents);    return $doc->getElementsByTagName('aws:weather');  }    var_dump(weather_widget($key, $code));  

This produced:

object(DOMNodeList)#2 (0) { }  

Does XML DOM not work with at tagname that contains :'s?


The aws isn't part of the tagname - it's the namespace.

See getElementsByTagNameNS


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