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I have 2 classes, Parent and Child, and Parent has a class method named func. Now I want to get Class instance in func method to distinguish which class is caller.

@interface Parent : NSObject  + (void)func;  @end    @implementation Parent    + (void)func {      Class *class = howToGetClass();      NSLog(@"%@ call func", class);  }    @end    @interface Child : Parent  @end    int main() {      [Child func];    // call func from Child  }  

Is there any way to get class instance (or class name) in class method?


If you just want to log it/get it as a Class, you just need self. Thats it. So like

+ (void)func {      Class class = self;      NSLog(@"%@ call func", class);  }  


+ (void)func {      NSLog(@"%@ call func", self);  }  

also, if you want to get the name as an NSString, NSStringFromClass(self) has you covered. (As a char *, class_getName(self) is what you're looking for)


To get the current class object, you should be able to do:

[self class];  

As self will refer to the class instance, because it's a class method. Class is a method defined in NSObject, which returns the class for the object.

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