Tutorial :No Java for Ubuntu?


I just installed Ubuntu 10.4 in VMWare Workstation.

When I try to install java, I couldn't find the package:

xxx@ubuntu:~$sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre  Reading package lists... Done  Building dependency tree  Reading state information... Done  Package sun-java6-jre is not available, but is referred to by another package.  This may mean the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or  is only available from another source  E: Package sun-java6-jre has no installation candidate  

I'm confused.


Ubuntu is supporting OpenJDK-6 on Lucid Lynx (10.04). See the Ubuntu packages for OpenJDK for details. See also:

As someone else mentioned, the Ubuntu/Debian multiverse repositories have additional Java packages; you can enable them by following these instructions:


Thanks. I solved the problem by uncommenting the following lines in /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner  deb-src http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner  


It is in the multiverse repository component, I think.

I can't remember if it is enabled by dafault.

here is info to enable the multiverse for an older version, but it should be similar for 10.04.


You need to enable your universe and multiverse repositories by editing /etc/apt/sources.list

It's not in the default sources list.


Do a search:

apt-cache search java  

See the correct JRE name. This should work.


You could always download and install Java from the Sun / Java website.


Did you update your APT?

sudo apt-get update  


you can use Ubuntu Software Center, to download java and many other Tools/Softwares

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