Tutorial :Nice way to show html <DIV> elements like gallery, mooflow, lightbox etc


We have number of plugins to display images in a nice manner. For eg: mooflow(http://www.outcut.de/MooFlow/example-milkbox-bridge.html) with which we can display images in mac itunes manner. But i am wondering whether we have any plugins with which we can display html DIV elements like that. I don't have any image to display, but i just want to display series of divs where each div has some brief text content.

I will be really happy to know that there is a way to configure jquery's gallery, lightbox & mootools' mooflow to make them display divs as well apart from regular images.

Thanks, ~Shafi


jQuery Thickbox let's you do HTML contents (see 'Inline Content' example).


There are several modified versions of Lightbox that do this. An example is Thickbox. See the the inline content example.

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