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I'm trying to delete images when deleting the container of those images with a cascading model::delete

The cascading works fine, but I can't get the model call back afterDelete to work properly so I can delete the actual image files when doing the delete.

function beforeDelete() {      $containerId = $this->id;      $numberOfImages = $this->RelatedImage->find('count', array('conditions' => array('RelatedImage.container_id' => 'containerId')));      if ($numberOfImages > 0){             $relatedImages = $this->RelatedImage->find('all', array('conditions' => array('RelatedImage.container_id' => 'containerId')));          foreach ($relatedImages as $image) {              $myFile = WWW_ROOT . 'image' . $containerId . '_i' . $image['RelatedImage']['id']  . '.jpg';              unlink($myFile);              $myThumb = WWW_ROOT . 'img/' . $image['RelatedImage']['thumbnail'];              unlink($myThumb);          }          return true;      } else{          return false;      }  }  

The if statement fails each time, even though I know there are images in the table. If I can get the if statement to at least execute i will add further validation on the unlink.


I would do it in this way:

in beforeDelete get the images data

function beforeDelete(){    $relatedImages = $this->RelatedImage->find('all', array('conditions' => array('RelatedImage.container_id' => 'containerId')));    $this->relatedImages = $relatedImages;    $this->currentId = $this->id; //I am not sure if this is necessary    return true;  }  

then in the afterDelete() as Oscar suggest do the actual delete of the image:

function afterDelete(){    $relatedImages = $this->relatedImages;    $containerId = $this->currentId; //probably this could be just $this->id;    foreach ($relatedImages as $image) {          $myFile = WWW_ROOT . 'image' . $containerId . '_i' . $image['RelatedImage']['id']  . '.jpg';          unlink($myFile);          $myThumb = WWW_ROOT . 'img/' . $image['RelatedImage']['thumbnail'];          unlink($myThumb);      }  }  

this way you are save, even if the model fail to delete the record you will delete images only if the delete was actually happen.



If the models are related with hasMany/hasOne, both RelatedImage::beforeDelete() and RelatedImage::afterDelete() should be called when they are removed. Try putting the delete logic there instead?

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