Tutorial :Make install causes recompiles


I am writing a master makefile to compile and install multiple autoconf based libraries, which depend on each other. All works well for the first go. The issue is: if I am working on one of these libraries individually and do "make && make install" header files in the prefix folder are overwritten (even if they are untouched). This causes all dependent libraries to compile from scratch.

Is there a way to avoid the unnecessary recompiles without hacking into the makefiles?


Maybe the solution is a little late, but

./configure INSTALL="install -p"  

fixes the recompilation problem. This flag makes GNU install set the timestamps of the installed files to the timestamps of the built files.


You could use sentinel files that exist only to establish your dependency graph. For eg.

prefix := /usr/local    .PHONY: all  all: libx-built    libx-built \    : libx.tar.gz \    ; tar xzvf $@ \    && cd libx \    && ./configure --prefix=$(prefix) \    && make && make install \    && touch $@  

Then, you'd make a dependent liby build only when libx-built is new.

liby-built \    : liby.tar.gz libx-built \    ; ...  

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