Tutorial :Looking for a job queue that can run jobs at a specified time


I'm looking for a job queue that has the following features:

  1. Can specify a specific future time for a job to be run
  2. Failures are recorded
  3. The ability to delete specific jobs from the queue (can live without this one but would be nice)
  4. Not MySQL based
  5. Works well with Rails

So far I've looked at a few such as starling and sparrow but have not been able to see any that can run jobs at a specific time.



For generic tool questions like this, the first step is to check Ruby Toolbox.

I believe delayed_job should do the job.

Note: it is ActiveRecord based, so any storage solution that AR can deal with will work.


I was looking at Beanstalkd today. Its Ruby bindings exist. There's also a Rails-specific plugin. And many other bindings. The "run jobs at a specified time" feature I believe you've got to build for your application.


This is not pure Ruby, but you could create a crontab that would launch your Ruby jobs. For modifying the jobs, see e.g. CronEdit.

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