Tutorial :LINQ Select Range Of Orders By Surname


I guess this is probably going to be obvious in retrospect but I am finding it very hard to get my head round this.

Basically I just want to use LINQ to Objects to select from a range of objects with a surname property the surnames alphabetically between two surnames e.g. in the list:

  Adams  Bentham  Bickford  Gillies  Kelly  Moore  Peters  Rutherford  Smith  Taylor  Williams  

If you selected from "Kelly" to "Smith" it would return:

  Kelly  Moore  Peters  Rutherford  Smith  


It has to be specific enough that in the case where one were to select Kelly to Smith and there was a Kellerman before and a Smythe after the query would leave those out so LIKE 'K%' and LIKE 'S%' are no good. Besides you'd have to go through all the letters inbetween k and s to get there.

I am likely just being foolish in the way I'm putting the question to Google but no one else seems to have this alphabetic concern. Hope someone can help.

EDIT: So far so good folks. But here's a brainrtwister. We want to set a Maximum number of records returned.

e.g If we ask for Bickford to Rutheerford with a max of 3 we should get back:

  Bickford  Gillies  Kelly  

At present we just get three of the names between the goalposts at random.

Any ideas?


I think you're looking for something like this

static IEnumerable<string> GetNames(IEnumerable<string> originalList, string fromName, string toName)  {      foreach (string name in originalList)      {          if (name.CompareTo(fromName) >= 0 && name.CompareTo(toName) <= 0)              yield return name;      }  }  

Or the LINQ version

static IEnumerable<string> GetNames(IEnumerable<string> originalList, string fromName, string toName)  {      var query = from name in originalList                  where name.CompareTo(fromName) >= 0 && name.CompareTo(toName) <= 0                  select name;        return query;  }  

Example usage to product your Kelly to Smith inclusive list

string[] surnames = { "Adams", "Bentham", "Bickford", "Gillies", "Kelly", "Moore", "Peters", "Rutherford", "Smith", "Taylor", "Williams" };    foreach (string name in GetNames(surnames, "Kelly", "Smith"))      Console.WriteLine(name);  


How about:

var results = Users      .OrderBy(x => x.Surname)      .SkipWhile(x => x.Surname.CompareTo("Kelly") < 0)      .TakeWhile(x => x.Surname.CompareTo("Smith") <= 0);  


I think this should do it:

var Names = SourceList.OrderBy(x => x.SurName).Select(x => x.SurName >= "Kelly")              .Select(x => x.SurName <= "Smith").ToList();  

I may be very wrong. Still new with all this.


what about something like

names      .Where(n => n.surname.CompareTo(fromName) >= 0)      .Where(n => n.surname.CompateTo(toName) <= 0)  


    public IEnumerable<UserListItem> GetFilteredUsers(String start, String end)      {          var Users = from u in User.GetUsers()                      let firstLetter = Char.ToUpper(u.FirstName[0])                      let startLetter = Char.ToUpper(start[0])                      let endLetter = Char.ToUpper(end[0])                      where firstLetter >= startLetter && firstLetter <= endLetter                      orderby u.FirstName                      select u;      }  

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