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Can this code be shorten in some way? I've tried several ways to compact it, but I can't get it to work:

    //Customer info  $('input#state-field-a, input#state-field-b').hide();  $('select#country-a').change(function(){          if ($(this).val() === "United States" || $(this).val() === "Canada" ||$(this).val() === "null")    {      $('select#state-a').show();      $('input#state-field-a, input#state-field-b').hide();       } else {      $('select#state-a').hide();      $('input#state-field-a').show();    }   });  //Shipping nfo  $('select#country-b').change(function(){          if ($(this).val() === "United States" || $(this).val() === "Canada" ||$(this).val() === "null")    {      $('select#state-b').show();      $('input#state-field-b').hide();       } else {      $('select#state-b').hide();      $('input#state-field-b').show();    }   });  

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I forgot to give some context to this.

I have two areas in the same page, one for Billing/Customer Info and other for Shipping Info, when the user selects an option from the select menu, other options show/hide within the same section. Both functions should work 'independent' than each other since they belong to different sections.

For example, if I select Canada from the Customer Info select menu, it can't change/alter anything in the Shipping Info section.

Not sure if that makes sense.

Thanks again for any help on this.


You can use a few shortcut functions to narrow all of your code down to this:

$('#state-field-a, #state-field-b').hide();  $('#country-a, #country-b').change(function(){    var m = $.inArray($(this).val(), ["United States","Canada","null"]) != -1;      $('#' + this.id.replace('country', 'state') + '-a').toggle(m);    if(this.id === 'country-a') $('#state-field-b').toggle(m);      $('#' + this.id.replace('country', 'state-field') + '-a').toggle(!m);  });  

We're doing a few things different here:

  • Not using tag selectors on IDs
  • Using .change() once, since they both have the same effect
  • Using $.inArray() to narrow down the if or clauses (IE doesn't have .indexOf()...)
  • Use .toggle(bool) instead of repeated .show()/.hide() code
  • The extra if is to account for the difference in your two handlers


Anywhere you select an id, start with the id. Everything before an id selector is irrelevant.


$('#state-field-a, #state-field-b').hide();  

Reduce all code duplication. This can be made into a function:

    if ($(this).val() === "United States" || $(this).val() === "Canada" ||$(this).val() === "null")    {      $('select#state-a').show();      $('input#state-field-a, input#state-field-b').hide();       } else {      $('select#state-a').hide();      $('input#state-field-a, select#state-b').show();    }   

Replace your if statement with this more modular statement:

var acceptedCountries = ["United States", "Canada", "null"];  if( $.inArray($(this).val(), acceptedCountries) > 0 )  


First, in your html, change select id's to classes like so:

<select id="a" class="country">...</select>  <select id="b" class="country">...</select>  

Then you can shorten it this way (edited using .toggle(bool) from Nick's answer):

var inputs = $('#state-field-a, #state-field-b'),      selects = $('select.country'),      countries = {'United States', 'Canada'};    inputs.hide();    selects.change(function() {       var value = $(this).val(),          toggle = ($.inArray(value, countries) != -1 || value === "null");        $(this).toggle(toggle);      inputs.toggle(toggle);  });  


This is not a shortening of your code, and in fact it maybe a little but longer than your code :)

You could do without too many id's and referencing specific elements by making it generic. As far as I can tell, both the billing and shipping sections work exactly alike with maybe a difference or two. If so, you can have an identical structure for both such as:

<div id='billing' class='address'>      <select class='country'> .. </select>      <select class='state'> .. </select>      <input type='text' class='state-field'>  </div>    <div id='shipping' class='address'>      <select class='country'> .. </select>      <select class='state'> .. </select>      <input type='text' class='state-field'>  </div>  

By grouping each under a parent and only using the id for - #billing, #shipping, everything underneath can follow exactly the same structure. Here is the callback handler for when a country is changed (thanks for @Nick Craver for the toggle trick):

function countryChanged() {      var countries = $(this);      var selectedCountry = countries.val();      var container = $(this).closest('.address');        var shouldShowStates = function(country) {          return ['United States', 'Canada', 'null'].indexOf(country) != -1;      }        var toggleFields = function(showList) {          $('.state', container).toggle(showList);          $('.state-field', container).toggle(!showList);      }        var showStates = shouldShowStates(selectedCountry);      toggleFields(showStates);  }      $('.country').change(countryChanged);  


See http://jsfiddle.net/nK2T3/

You need to use a selector context variable to limit the scope of your selection to the appropriate section. For the sake of argument, I assumed your inputs were segregated into fieldsets:

var countrySelects = '#country-a, #country-b',      stateSelects = '#state-a, #state-b',      stateInputs = '#state-field-a, #state-field-b';        $(stateInputs).hide();    $('fieldset').each(function () {      var $fieldset = $(this);        $(countrySelects, $fieldset).change(function () {          var $countrySelect = $(this),              $stateSelect = $(stateSelects, $fieldset),              $stateInput = $(stateInputs, $fieldset);            if ($countrySelect.val() === "United States" || $countrySelect.val() === "Canada" || $countrySelect.val() === "null") {              $stateSelect.show();              $stateInput.hide();          } else {              $stateSelect.hide();              $stateInput.show();          }      })  });​  

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