Tutorial :jquery how to get the button that has opened the dialog


I have a dialog that is opened by many buttons. How can I know which button has opened that dialog?

$('#dialog').dialog({    autoOpen: false,    buttons: {      "Ok": function() {         $(this).dialog("close");      },       "Cancel": function() {         $(this).dialog("close");      }     },    open: function(event, ui) {      //HERE ::: how to get an HTML OBJECT TO THE ELEMENT THAT OPENED THE DIALOG    }  });  

This is called by:

$('a').live('click',function(){    $('#dialog').dialog('open');  });  

I want to know which <a> tag has called that dialog. Is this possible?



In your .live() handler you could store a reference to the element that was clicked on using .data(), like this:

$('a').live('click',function(){    $('#dialog').data('opener', this).dialog('open');  });  

Then to get it later you can grab it from $('#dialog').data('opener'), or $.data(this, 'opener') in the case of the open callback (because this refers to the dialog element). For example your open function may look like this:

open: function(event, ui) {    $(this).html("Hi, I was opened by: " + $.data(this, 'opener').id);  }  

This would show the id property of the anchor you clicked on to open the dialog...you can do whatever you want really, $.data(this, 'opener') refers to the <a /> DOM element.

You can give try a demo of this here


You can give it an id:

$('a').live('click',function(){        $('#dialogTrigger').removeAttr('id');        $(this).attr('id', 'dialogTrigger');        $('#dialog').dialog('open');  }    open: function(event, ui) {       // do something with $('#dialogTrigger')  }  


making the assumption you have a button like such:

<input type="button" class="mybuttons" value="Click Me"/>  

and some css like:

.openerclass  {    background-color: red;  }  

add that class when clicked

$(function()  {      var myevent;      $(".mybuttons").click(function(event){         myevent = $(event.target);          $(".selector").dialog("open");      });        $(".selector" ).dialog({         open: function(event, ui) {          var opener = $(event.target);         myevent.addClass("openerclass");         alert(myevent.nodeName);         ... }      });  });  

Edit: fix syntax error and add another example to make it clear

Edit2: The original was wrong (sort of) in that the opener event is NOT associated with the click event. Modified to use the click event properly.


You can assign $(this) to a variable like me and use it later:

$(".locked").on('click',function unlock(){       var me = $(this);    buttons: {          "Yes": function() {               me.removeAttr('disabled').removeClass('locked');           }  

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