Tutorial :jquery fadeIn/out images


I want to switch between 3 pictures fading in and out between them but i really have no idea how to approach this. So i have

$('<div id="container"></div>').appendTo('body');    $('#container').html('<img src="1.jpg" />').hide().fadeIn(1500);    

Where do i go from here ? Multiple suggestions are more then welcomed :D thx

I was thinking of animating to opacity : 1 after the image has loaded or using timeout to pause between images


You can write this yourself minimally, but it's at least worth checking out the jQuery Cycle Plugin for this.

You can write a less-code/no-frills version, but if you find you like to have additional effects/options, check out the cycle plugin, no reason to re-write it yourself...it's already widely used/supported.

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