Tutorial :Is it possible to group validation?


I am using a lot of my own validation methods to compare the data from one association to the other. I've noticed that I'm constantly checking that my associations aren't nil before trying to call anything on them, but I am also validating their presence, and so I feel that my nil checks are redundant. Here's an example:

class House < ActiveRecord::Base    has_one :enterance, :class => Door    has_one :exit, :class => Door      validates_presence_of :enterance, :exit      validate :not_a_fire_hazard    def not_a_fire_hazard      if enterance && exit && enterance.location != exit.location        errors.add_to_base('If there is a fire you will most likely die')        return false      end    end  end  

I feel like I am repeating myself by checking the existence of enterance and exit within my own validation.

Is there a more "The Rails Way" to do this?


You also might want to consider using the validates_associated stanza in order to validate whether the associated objects are themselves valid. Also, another cleaner way to go ahead and ensure that both entrance and exit are present (not nil) would be with the following:

validates_presence_of :entrance_or_foo    def entrance_or_foo      entrance and foo  end  

Then you can clean up your fire hazard method to look like the following:

 def not_a_fire_hazard      if enterance.location != foo.location        errors.add_to_base('If there is a fire you will most likely die')      end   end  

You do not need the return false in the definition above.

As noted by Francois in comments, exit is a method defined in the Kernel module. You should rename your class so as to not avoid confusion with the Ruby defined exit method. I've renamed instances of exit to foo in my example code above.

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