Tutorial :Is a htaccess file different on apache running on a windows server


I am building a website on a windows server running apache and need to use a .htaccess file for pretty urls. If I add the .htaccess file it is just ignored, do I need to use somehting else? Is a .htaccess ignored on a windows server?

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It shouldn't be different, although I haven't used Apache on Windows for a long time. Check the values of any occurrences of the following for the affected directory, or a location in which the affected directory resides:

AccessFileName - this should be set to .htaccess

AllowOverride - this should not be set to None

Also, make sure that any modules that you are trying to use are enabled: httpd -M


No, it should be the same. Just make sure you have the appropriate modules enabled, in this case mod_rewrite and make sure that in your httpd.conf you allow the directives that you need to be used from the .htaccess files and all should work.


The htaccess file is parsed by Apache not the operating system so it stays the same.


Thank you for all your replys, it turns out the server doesn't actually have Apache on and is running IIS sorry about wasting your time.

The owner installed http://www.helicontech.com/isapi_rewrite/ module which allows htaccess files.

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