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I finished my project on an iPhone dev at uni WITHOUT doing "useful" unit testing (did some simple ones just to put on my report).

I was looking at the apple's unit testing suits (logic and application tests) but ended up using iPhoneUnitTesting from google-toolbox-for-mac, which I found more documented and easy to get started with Java's unit testing knowledge.

  1. How many of you actually use this rather than the Apple's "native" unit testing suits?
  2. Any suggestions for books on this topic (unit testing for iPhone)?


I have a series on iPhone Unit Testing. Initially, I explored OCUnit (Xcode), Google Toolbox for Mac (GTM) and GHUnit. Testing wise, I prefer the Xcode built in unit tests (OCUnit). Visually I prefer GHUnit for the GUI interface. Xcode 4's testing support is much improved from Xcode 3.

If you need a GUI on the device for testing, you can add GHUnit later, since it is built on top of GTM and can run OCUnit and GTM unit tests.

iPhone Unit Testing Explained


You might find these links useful:


i use GHUnit, is a test framework for Objective-C, you can follow the instruction on the page or see the video TDD for iPhone Development , GHUnit it's easy to use and very helpful.



I found OCUnit really straightforward and easy to use. Very similar to JUnit or other unit testing modules for other languages.


Here's the updated URL for : Apple's Automated Testing With Xcode 3 and Objective-C

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