Tutorial :Integrate Twitter in a website


I am trying to get a website to connect to a Twitter account so that I can display the tweets on my website. I can get the application to work when you connect via the OAuth authentication and it asks if I want to allow the application.

What I want to do, is because it's my own Twitter account, I want to be able to login without having to do this every time. I want the website to send my credentials across so that the user just sees the page, and can view the tweets. Is this possible?


If your account is not protected, you can use the public timeline like:


this will give you the last 4 tweets, there are other ways to retrieve your tweets whithout authentication


I have figured this out. I created a new class that inherits the IConsumerTokenManager interface. Then, the only properties I needed to change were ConsumerKey, ConsumerSecret and GetTokenSecret (as shown below).

#region Namespaces  using System;  using System.Collections.Generic;  using System.Linq;  using System.Web;  using DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth.ChannelElements;  using DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth.Messages;   

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