Tutorial :In Emacs, how can I have the same buffer open in multiple frames (when using ido/iswitch)?


In emacs, I'd like to open the same buffer in multiple frames. Before I used ido, this was easy: I'd just switch to the buffer in one frame with C-x b, then focus a different frame in my window manager, and then open the buffer in that other frame too (with C-x b again.) But, now that I use ido for fuzzy completion in C-x b, when I try to open the second copy of the buffer, it just sends the focus back to the first frame and frustrates me.

Is there a variable I can set to control this behavior?

Ideally, I'd like C-x b ENTER to not be biased at all by the other buffers that are open (normally, it tries to default to a buffer that is not open in any window.)


It looks like

(setq ido-default-buffer-method 'selected-window)  

is what you need.


I use C-r in Ido to search backward through it's list. The buffer that I want has usually been pushed to the end of the list. I do tend to use multiple window splits (verticle and horizontal) instead of multiple frames.

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