Tutorial :how to install xorg intel driver in the stable/testing debian os to support intel GMA3150 video


GMA3150 intel video chipset requires xf86-video-intel 2.10.0 video driver.

stable debian (lenny) has 2.3.2 version of xf86-video-intel driver.
testing debian (squeeze) has 2.9.1. version.
unstable debian (sid) has 2.9.1 version.
and only experimental debian has 2.12.0 version.

question. how to install 2.10.0 driver (with GMA3150 support) on testing or unstable debian version?

we use debian in our products and unfortunately it's completely impossible to use experimental version in production.



Download the .deb file and any dependencies it needs from the mirror, then use dpkg -i to install the package manually

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