Tutorial :How to install python on Samsung S5600 halley EVO


I would like to know how to install python on Samsung S5600 Halley Evo. Do I have to do something like a jailbreak? Is it possible? and, if yes, how?


What you actually need is to download Android Scripting Environment, since I guess your Samsung is an Android phone. Within the ASE, you can determine which programming languages to use, weather its plain unix Shell, Python or Perl. Up to 10 different scripting languages are supported.

Jailbreaking is something you do on an iPhone, since its locked by Apple. The Android handheld device is not locked, so you can install all you want, without using the Android Market. You can even uninstall applications, like the built in Messaging app if you want to use Handcent SMS instead :)

Ref: Android Scripting Environment

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