Tutorial :How to get Block Style Progressbars in Aero / .NET 4


I have three ProgressBars of the three styles. Blocks and Continuous are now rendering the same, whereas I remember Blocks used to render as Blocks.


is this unique to .NET 4, Aero Glass, or Windows 7? How can I tell my app to use the classic Blocks?


use this

public class ContinuousProgressBar : ProgressBar   {       public ContinuousProgressBar()       {           this.Style = ProgressBarStyle.Continuous;       }      protected override void CreateHandle()      {          base.CreateHandle();          try          {              SetWindowTheme(this.Handle, "", "");          }          catch           {           }      }        [System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport("uxtheme.dll")]        private static extern int SetWindowTheme(IntPtr hwnd, string appname, string idlist);  }  

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