Tutorial :How to fill 10% of the Android screen?


How can I fill the screen with 2 horizontal colors, such that the down one will get 10% of the screen? (like a toolbar)?

I'm trying modify the Linear Layout example to:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>    <LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"      android:orientation="vertical"      android:layout_width="fill_parent"      android:layout_height="fill_parent">      <LinearLayout        android:orientation="horizontal"        android:layout_width="fill_parent"        android:layout_height="fill_parent"        android:layout_weight="1">        <TextView            android:text="green"            android:gravity="center_horizontal"            android:background="#00aa00"            android:layout_width="wrap_content"            android:layout_height="fill_parent"            android:layout_weight="1"/>        <TextView            android:text="blue"            android:gravity="center_horizontal"            android:background="#0000aa"            android:layout_width="wrap_content"            android:layout_height="fill_parent"            android:layout_weight="1"/>    </LinearLayout>      <LinearLayout      android:orientation="vertical"      android:layout_width="fill_parent"      android:layout_height="fill_parent"      android:layout_weight="1">      <TextView          android:text="single row"          android:textSize="15pt"          android:layout_width="fill_parent"          android:layout_height="wrap_content"          android:layout_weight="1"/>    </LinearLayout>    </LinearLayout>  

but if change the




on the down "panel"(is it a panel?) the text is not shown complete.


You will want to use fill_parent and not wrap content, and what should work is if the upper part has a weight of 9 and the lower part a weight of 1. The weight should work as a percentage of the total weights, so 9+1 = 10 and 1/10 is 10%.

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