Tutorial :how to create datagrid at run time through code?


I need to create datagrid at runtime in and add it to one new tab.

C# 3.0 -- .net 3.5

Any starting point?


It's really easy...

DataGridView dg = new DataGridView();    // set columns (auto or manual)    // set appearance (lots of style options)    // set data source (IEnumerable object)  dg.DataBind();    placeHolder1.COntrols.Add(dg); // add to placeholder  


The best way to learn how to do this is to add data grid on design time and take a look on the auto generated code.


You can do this much the same as creating any control at runtime.

DataGridView dg = new DataGridView();  dg.ID = "grid";  ....Other properties    this.tab.Controls.Add(dg);  

Just remember when dynamically creating controls they must be re-created on each postback

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