Tutorial :How to convert datetime format to date format in crystal report using C#?


i am working c# windows form application and also in crystal report.i am retriving the date from database in datetime format but i like display date only in report,Is any formula field in crystal report help for me for this problem.Thanks in Advance.


If the datetime is in field (not a formula) then you can format it:

  1. Right click on the field -> Format Editor
  2. Date and Time tab
  3. Select date/time formatting you desire (or click customize)

If the datetime is in a formula:

ToText({MyDate}, "dd-MMM-yyyy")  //Displays 31-Jan-2010  


ToText({MyDate}, "dd-MM-yyyy")  //Displays 31-01-2010  


ToText({MyDate}, "dd-MM-yy")  //Displays 31-01-10  



In crystal report formulafield date function aavailable there pass your date-time format in that You Will get the Date only here

Example: Date({MyTable.dte_QDate})


In case the formatting needs to be done on Crystal Report side.

Simple way.

Crystal Report Design Window->Right click on the date field->format Field->Customize the date format per your need.

Works effectively.


In selection formula try this

Date(Year({datetimefield}), Month({datetimefield}), Day({datetimefield}))  


This formula works for me:

// Converts CR TimeDate format to AssignDate for WeightedAverageDate calculation.    Date( Year({DWN00500.BUDDT}), Month({DWN00500.BUDDT}), Day({DWN00500.BUDDT}) ) - CDate(1899, 12, 30)  


if it is just a format issue use ToShortDateString()


Sometimes the field is not recognized by crystal reports as DATE, so you can add a formula with function: Date({YourField}), And add it to the report, now when you open the format object dialog you will find the date formatting options.


There are many ways you can do this. You can just use what is described here or you can do myDate.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy"); There are plenty of help for this topic in the MSDN documentation.

You could also write you own DateExtension class which will allow you to go something like myDate.ToMyDateFormat();

    public static class DateTimeExtensions      {          public static DateTime ToMyDateFormat(this DateTime d)          {              return d.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy");          }      }  

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