Tutorial :How to cleanup old Failed Builds in TeamCity?


We do have hundreds of failed builds in TeamCity (number is especially high because of old retry on fail settings) and now it's a pain to browse history.

I want to clean up only old failed builds, is there anyway to do that in TeamCity? Normal clean-up policy only allows X days before the last successful build sort of clean ups.


I tried to find a "delete build history record" but I couldn't find one. That doesn't prove it isn't there, but it it was, it would be an opportunity for devs to abuse it as some PM's use the history as a metric that may say something about code quality. If we could delete all the failed builds, it would make this statistic game-able.

Of course there is the policy page which has some tuning, but not the sort you mentioned (you can't remove just failed builds) admin/cleanupPolicies.html

You might want to pin your favorite builds (which should protect them from clean up) and then change the policy to clean up everything 1 day old, then change the policy back to something more reasonable.


In more recent versions of TeamCity you can now:

  1. Click on the build you want to remove.
  2. From the Build Actions menu select Remove...
  3. Put in an optional comment and click the Remove button to remove that build.


There is a way to delete a build and it is using REST protocol: http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TW/REST+API+Plugin

Get details of a specific build:  GET http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/<buildLocator>  (also supports DELETE to delete a build)  

To run this you need a REST client. I've used a plugin for Firefox, which is quite nice. But any REST client should do the work. It makes sense first trying on the test TeamCity instance, as you won't have a chance to recover deleted build, except from backup.


New version of TeamCity (since 8?) supports deleting builds naturally. Hey-hey!! ))

Just go to the build page, then Actions > Remove ...

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