Tutorial :How to add 2 temporary tables together


If I am creating temporary tables, that have 2 columns. id and score. I want to to add them together.

The way I want to add them is if they each contain the same id then I do not want to duplicate the id but instead add the scores together.

if I have 2 temp tables called t1 and t2

and t1 had:

id 3 score 4  id 6 score 7  

and t2 had:

id 3 score 5  id 5 score 2  

I would end up with a new temp table containing:

id 3 score 9  id 5 score 2  id 6 score 7  

The reason I want to do this is, I am trying to build a product search. I have a few algorithms I want to use, 1 using fulltext another not. And I want to use both algorithms so I want to create a temporary table based on algorithm1 and a temp table based on algorithm2. Then combine them.


How about:

SELECT id, SUM(score) AS score FROM (    SELECT id, score FROM t1    UNION ALL    SELECT id, score FROM t2  ) t3  GROUP BY id  


This is untested but you should be able to perform a union on the two tables and then perform a select on the results, grouping the fields and adding the scores

SELECT id,SUM(score) FROM  (      SELECT id,score FROM t1      UNION ALL      SELECT id,score FROM t2  ) joined  GROUP BY id  


Perform a full outer join on the ID. Select on the ID and the sum of the two "score" columns after coalescing the values to 0.


SELECT id, SUM(score) FROM  (      SELECT id, score FROM #t1      UNION ALL      SELECT id, score FROM #t2  ) AS Temp  GROUP BY id  


select id, sum(score)  from (   select * from table 1   union all   select * from table2  ) tables  group by id  


You need to create an union of those two tables then You can easily group the results.

SELECT id, sum(score) FROM     (   SELECT id, score FROM t1   UNION    SELECT id, score FROM t2  ) as tmp  GROUP BY id;  

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