Tutorial :How do I send a site user login information without being redirected to that site?


I have a form that collects a user's username and password for a third-party site. Only when the login information works do I want to proceed on my site. My problem is that I currently have it set up as a form with the action link the third-party and when they click on the button, it just redirects them to the other site. How can I only test that the username and password succeeds on the page without sending them to the page? Is there a way with PHP?


Yes there is -> curl extension or http_post_data() ( or http_post_fields() part of pecl_http extension). There are examples too. Depending on third-party site returned html/cookies/etc proceed the process or draw an error message.


Yes. You have it post the login information to your page first. Your page then curl's (or some other way of getting a remote page, such as http_post_data) that third party page, and checks of the login worked or not. You may also then have to hit that third party page a second time, to log you out (if it preserves the login, that would be bad).

Anyway, after it returns, you can then process the page as a login success or failure.


This could be done with jQuery, avoiding any server-side complications. You could submit the form via the .post event, and read the response body to see if it was successful or not (they will probably have a success page, perhaps a user home page, or error page).

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