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How should i get started with Android? From where do i get help and sample source code? Can a JSF application run on Android phones? I saw primefaces site and it has TouchFaces which are meant for Android phones. But i really don't know how should i get started with Android. Is it too tough? Does it take too much time creating even a simple application?

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I recently started with Android development. The official Android development site has some good stuff to get you started:




Now, whenever I'm stuck on a particular aspect of a program, I just use Google to search for what I'm trying to do. I've learned that just about everything has been done and blogged about. For that matter, a bunch of the answers that I've needed have been here on SO.


There are a bunch of questions related to this. Just to name a few:


If you are worried that it might be too complicated, try Android App Inventor. It provides a GUI for building Android apps out of prebuilt modules.
It also comes with its own set of tutorials.


Start with the android developer tutorials


It is pretty simple to make apps. The way individual screens are made is a different paradigm than either a Java swing app, or a Java web app... but not so far away that it won't make sense.


After you get into Android, You need to learn how to Debug in Eclipse and how to use the ADB and DDMS tools.

In order to get more details about an exception/force close you need to look for a view in Eclipse called Logcat(you will find in the DDMS perspective) there you will find a detailed traceback when/what and on what line is the issue.

For this you should read a complete article about Debugging in Android using Eclipse

alt text http://www.droidnova.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/debugging-3.gif



best application guide to start with..

Go For It!!


You may also want to check this "Android UI design patterns"



The most helpful starting point for me was to reading the "Hello, Android" book from the Pragmatic Bookshelf: http://www.pragprog.com/titles/eband3/hello-android

I've posted the link to the third edition (edit: now published) which will deal with Android up to version 2.1 (2.2+ to follow, I'd guess!). However, if you're already asking questions on JSF etc. this may be too basic - then I'd agree with most of the other answers and browse the web for more information.

However, I found the book a quick read, and by running through a few of the sample apps included I was soon able to start work on one of my own. Basically, whatever gets you coding quickest with a reasonable understanding of what to do...

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