Tutorial :How do I configure visual studio to use the code view as the default view for Webservices?


When you double click on a class (in 'solution explorer')... if that class happens to be an .asmx.cs webservice... then you get this...

To add components to your class, drag them from the Toolbox and use the Properties window to set their properties. To create methods and events for your class, click here to switch to code view.

...it's a 'visual design surface' for webservices.

(Who actually uses that surface to write webservices?)

So what I want to know, how do I configure visual studio to never show me that design view?

Or at least, to show me the code view by default?


You can set the default editor for any given file type (.cs, .xml, .xsd, etc). To change the default editor for a given type:

  1. Right-click a file of that type in your project, and select "Open With..."
  2. Select your preferred editor. You may want "CSharp Editor".
  3. Click "Set as Default".

I don't see the behavior you see with web services, but this should work with all file types in Visual Studio.


Add the following attribute to your class:


(Not sure why [System.ComponentModel.DesignerCategory("")] does not work.)


Add the following attribute to your class:


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