Tutorial :How do disable the Alt+Tab,Alt+F4,ctr+Alt+Delete buttons from C# program? [closed]


I am Using On application I want disable the Alt+Tab, Alt+F4, Ctr+Alt+Delete buttons from C# program. And also to disable the right click if the users go at the top and click right it should not come it should not show that menu-bar also. How to do in web application?


You should take a look at Kiosk Mode.


You can't disable Ctrl+Alt+Delete for a very very good reason. You can't even log it happening.


If you mean a web page being displayed in a web browser by using the term web application, there is no way to achieve your goal - and that's very good! Imagine the implications if any website I'm calling could disable me from existing the browser and/or changing to another application.

If you want to display just the one website you will have to modify (or configure) the browser itself.


To disable Ctrl+Alt+Del I think you can set Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\DisableTaskMgr to 1.

To disable the rest of the keyboard combinations you could probably write a keyboard hook.

This article: C# Disable CTRL-ALT-DEL, ALT-TAB, ALT-F4, Start Menu and so on… should show you how to do all this.

I'm not a web guy but I'm assuming that you wouldn't be able to do any of this from the webapp itself so you'd have to:

  1. Write a WinForms/Console app.
  2. Get the user to download it.
  3. Get the user to execute it with Admin rights.

Edit: And if you mean that you want to disable rightclicking to open menus etc in the webbrowser, you'd probably have to create your own webbrowser (possibly you could do this just by hosting the webbrowser control and turning off menus etc).

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