Tutorial :How can I get the video's image in JW Player?


How can I get the video's image to using with sendEvent(); in JW Player? For example i'm using

var playerx = document.getElementById(player);  playerx.sendEvent("LOAD","http://www.domain.com/videos/"+x);  playerx.sendEvent("PLAY","true");  

for click event for starting the videos while clicking a video's thumb in a page. I want x's thumb comes with player's flashvars in.


I want to get the thumb when on click in this embed code's flashvars.

I found the solution;

player.sendEvent("LOAD",{'file': 'http://www.domain.com/videos/x.flv', 'image':'videos/thumbs/thumb.jpg'});  


with JW Player >=5.2

jwplayer().load({      file:'http://mydomain.com/my.mov',      image:'http://mydomain.com/myposter.jpg'  });  


playlist: [{      file: "http://file url",      image: "https://image URL",      title: "title"  

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