Tutorial :floor double by decimal place


i want to floor a double by its decimal place with variable decimal length (in iphone sdk).

here some examples to show you what i mean

NSLog(@"%f",[self floorMyNumber:34.52462 toPlace:2); // should return 34.52  NSLog(@"%f",[self floorMyNumber:34.52662 toPlace:2); // should return 34.52    NSLog(@"%f",[self floorMyNumber:34.52432 toPlace:3); // should return 34.524  NSLog(@"%f",[self floorMyNumber:34.52462 toPlace:3); // should return 34.524    NSLog(@"%f",[self floorMyNumber:34.12462 toPlace:0); // should return 34.0  NSLog(@"%f",[self floorMyNumber:34.92462 toPlace:0); // should return 34.0  

any ideas how to do this?


-(double)floorNumberByDecimalPlace:(float)number place:(int)place {      return (double)((unsigned int)(number * (double)pow(10.0,(double)place))) / (double)pow(10.0,(double)place);  }  


Another solution:

placed is 10 (Example: 13.1), 100 (Example: 12.31) and so on

double value = (double)((unsigned int)(value * (double)placed)) / (double)placed


If you're just rounding them for the purpose of printing them, you do this with the standard printf format specifiers. For example, instead of "%f", to print 3 decimals you could use "%.3f"


Use sprintf (or better snprintf) to format it to a string then crop the end of the string.


Multiply it by 10^(decimal places), cast it to an integer, then divide it by 10^(decimal places).

double floorToPlace(double number, int places)  {      int decimalPlaces = 1;      for (int i = 0; i < places; i++) divideBy *= 10;        return (int)(number * decimalPlaces) / (double)decimalPlaces;  }  

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