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I'm using MySQL.

In my DB there are several tables, containing fields with data, serialized in custom binary format. (Actually, these fields contain lists of fixed-format records, like a "sub-table".)

I need a tool to be able to edit those fields by hand while my own fancy data administration UI is still in development.

I wonder, if there is a DB viewer/editor (like PHPMyAdmin or Sequel Pro or whatever) which I would be able to easily extend to deserialize that extra data?

Note that the [de]serialization library is in plain C and I do not want to spend much time rewriting it in another language. (I would better spend that time on that data administration UI.)

Any clues?

P.S. I need the editor to work on OS X or Ubuntu (Wine is fine) or be web-based.


Sequel Pro is open source, so you can probably get the sources and hack your code in there.

Get it here.


This is a Java app http://www.isqlviewer.com/ . You could load your C library in that using JNI. I've used iSQLviewer a lot with various databases and the download comes with code, but I can't say I've ever looked at the code!

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