Tutorial :Drupal Views Ajax refresh rows


I have some view (Views 2 - list of invitations, table style) which uses embedded forms to edit records directly in view rows. I am using ahah to change values in records. What I need is to refresh all records dynamically (some calculations) after I change some checkboxes. Is there any way to refresh view using Ajax? To trigger reload table rows only form the code? I suspect it must be some way (some command) as there is a Use Ajax option in views for sorting tables, etc...

Any hints would be much appreciated


In basic settings there is the 'use ajax' option which :

If set, this view will use an AJAX mechanism for paging, table sorting and exposed filters. This means the entire page will not refresh. It is not recommended that you use this if this view is the main content of the page as it will prevent deep linking to specific pages, but it is very useful for side content.

you may find the module Ajax Views Refresh useful

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