Tutorial :Drupal: modifying a template without hacking the module


I need to edit an invoice template in Drupal (both php template and css).

I've copied pasted the file in my theme folder, as I usually do to override for blocks and pages templates, but it didn't work.

This is the template customer.itpl.php inside Ubercart/uc_orders/templates folder.

How can I override it without hacking the ubercart module ?



This template is not the normal Drupal template. In order to change it, you should create a copy of the template in the same folder (Ubercart/uc_orders/templates) and make your changes. It will show up as an option in the settings page (/admin/store/settings/orders/edit) where you specify which template to use for showing the invoice.


devel_themer is good at providing template suggestions for you. Sometimes modules uses a special naming convention.

If that doesn't help you can add your own template suggestion in a preprocess function for the template. See this post on d.o for more info.


According to the ubercart docs you should be able to specify which template files you want to use.

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