Tutorial :Detecting SMS incoming and outgoing


I'd like to detect sms incoming and outgoing automatically from my application at background whenever this app is opening or not. how to code?


This is a good tutorial on both sending and receiving sms messages: http://mobiforge.com/developing/story/sms-messaging-android .

For the incoming messages you can indeed configure a broadcastlistener for detection. *

Detecting outgoing messages is also possible (just altered this post since I dind't know this). from: http://www.mail-archive.com/android-developers@googlegroups.com/msg26420.html

ContentResolver contentResolver = context.getContentResolver();    contentResolver.registerContentObserver(Uri.parse("content://  sms"),true, myObserver);  


System broadcasts appropriate messages when messages are sent and received. You will have to create BroadCastReceiver for appropriate Intents(see documentation for details ... I think it is android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED for interception not sure of sending though)

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