Tutorial :De-authorizing a twitter OAuth application


We just finished implementing OAuth in our RoR application using the Twitter gem. The whole authentication process works perfectly and we are able to persist access tokens. We're wondering if there's a way for our de-authorize our access to twitter via our website. I realize we could just destroy the persisted token, but I'd also like to be able to remove us from the connections list on twitter so the user gets the sense that we're totally disconnected from their account. We checked the oauth-ruby and twitter rdocs and couldn't find anything relevant.

Thanks in advance.


Due to possible vulnerabilities Twitter does not provide this API. Look at Raffi's response -


But you can always direct the user to twitter/settings/connections and ask the user to revoke access to your app manually.


Exactly the same issue here. I've studied to Twitter docs, and the best I could come up with is just to throw away the token. There doesn't seem to be any API for deauthorizing at the Twitter side.

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